Ucluelet Real Estate Market Stats: August 2023 Update

Nestled on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet is a tranquil community that offers a blend of natural beauty and local charm. Whether you're a potential homebuyer looking for a seaside escape or a homeowner considering selling, it's essential to understand the dynamics of Ucluelet's real estate market. In this blog post, we'll examine the most recent MLS stats data for single-family homes in August 2023.

Key Real Estate Metrics for August 2023 in Ucluelet, BC

  • Number of Active Listings: 18
  • Number of Sales: 1
  • Median Sale Price: $590,000
  • Average Days on Market: 49

Number of Active Listings

In August 2023, the number of active listings was 18, a decrease from 21 listings in July 2023 but an increase from 12 listings in August 2022. This suggests a slight expansion in inventory compared to last year, although availability did decline month-over-month.

Number of Sales

The market saw only one sale in August 2023, which is consistent with the sales data from July 2023 but lower than the three sales recorded in August 2022. This could indicate a slower sales cycle in the Ucluelet market.

Median Sale Price

The median sale price for August 2023 dropped substantially to $590,000, down from $1,522,000 in July 2023 and slightly below the $620,000 from August 2022. This change can be attributed to the small sample size and the fact that there was one small sale in August. 

Average Days on Market

Homes were on the market for an average of 49 days in August 2023, which is an increase from 22 days in July 2023 and only slightly higher than the 46 days in August 2022. This suggests homes are taking longer to sell compared to last month but are generally consistent with last year's numbers.

What Do These Trends Indicate?

For Buyers

  • Expanded Inventory: More listings than last year offer increased choices.
  • Negotiation Leverage: Only one sale in August and a lower median price could provide stronger negotiating power.
  • Take Your Time: With an average of 49 days on the market, buyers may have more time to make thoughtful decisions.

For Sellers

  • Limited Sales: Just one sale in August means competition for buyers is fierce.
  • Pricing is Key: Significant fluctuations in median sale prices indicate that correct pricing is essential.
  • Patience Required: Homes are taking longer to sell, averaging 49 days on the market.


Ucluelet's single-family home market in August 2023 presents a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges for both buyers and sellers. While inventory has slightly expanded year-over-year, the pace of sales remains slow. The substantial drop in median sale prices and longer days on the market indicate that both buyers and sellers need to approach the market with well-thought-out strategies.

“We can’t talk about these Ucluelet sales numbers without talking about the Ucluelet road closure,” comments The Fenton Group CEO Chris Fenton, “People weren’t able to get down in the same numbers as usual, and there is no doubt it’s affected the numbers. Let’s wait for September’s stats before we start to draw any conclusions.” 

Whether you're looking to make Ucluelet your new home or considering selling your property, understanding the nuances of the current real estate market is crucial. For more personalized advice, don't hesitate to contact our team of seasoned real estate experts.

Note: All statistics are sourced from national MLS data for August 2023 and are subject to change.

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