Top 10 Hiking Trails in Port Alberni

Port Alberni has been called the Valley of Trails for the multitude of trails and trail networks criss-crossing our Valley. Recently we asked locals on social media to share their favourite hiking trails. This is the Top 10 Hikes in Port Alberni.

#10 - Stokes Falls

Our first hiking trail is located on the outer edge of Port Alberni. The 1.4km hike leads down to - you guessed it - Stokes Creek Falls. The best time to visit this trail is shortly after heavy rain because the waterfalls have more power behind them. Even if you hit up the trail on a dry day, you will still be amazed at the thick, moss-covered trees guiding you along. A few small bridges over creeks adds to the dreamy feel of the trail. 

Stokes Falls is easy to hike and has a majestic waterfall prize at the end. Can you believe this is only at spot #10? The Alberni Valley is rich in hiking trails, so let’s continue with our number nine pick.

#9 - Fossli Park

On your way to Sproat Lake, why not stop in at Fossli Park? The 52-hectare park contains a walking trail that travels through a second-growth forest to an old homestead on the beach. This trail takes about 30 minutes to complete and is beginner friendly. Oh, did we mention there is a suspension bridge? The bridge crosses St. Andrew’s Creek and is a total hit for kids! 

#8 - Maplehurst

Those out in Cherry Creek already know about Maplehurst Trails, so we’ll spill the beans to the rest of you. This 4km route takes about 2 hours to complete and varies a little bit with its interlocking loops. You’ll mainly see maple and alder trees, enormous ferns, and the Kitsuksis Creek making the occasional appearance. Kids love this trail because of all the hidden surprises it holds. Knickknacks left by previous visitors like painted rocks and toy figurines are carefully placed so walking on the trail feels like a treasure hunt!

#7 - Weiner Falls

Weiner Falls takes a bit of a challenge to get down to the falls - that’s right, you will be going down a slope to get to the base of the waterfall. Some parts are steep, but there are ropes to help you get down and back up again! Although you can see the falls from above, taking the time to get down to the base allows for an outstanding perspective. Standing at the base of the waterfall gazing upwards is an amazing experience. The energy and sounds of the water crashing into the pool will surely invigorate you to make the climb back up the hill. 

#6 - Log Train Trail

What started as a railroad has now become one of the most well-known trails in the Alberni Valley. The wide, flat trail has many access points along its 25km stretch, making it convenient to hop on and hop off anytime. As the trail has some length to it, it passes by a variety of scenery. The historic McLean Mill, Cold Creek Waterfalls, and the beautiful Beaufort Range are some sights along the way.  

#5 - Stamp Falls

Do you love waterfalls and salmon? Even if you are thinking, “what's the big deal about fish?” this trail will change your mind. A visit to Stamp Falls during salmon spawning season will leave you in awe at the sheer number of fish rushing upstream. 

Even if you aren’t into fish, Stamp River and Stamp Falls are a sight to behold any time of the year. And unlike most hikes in the valley, this one is stroller and wheelchair friendly, meaning the whole family can enjoy an afternoon out in nature!

#4 - China Creek Falls

Can you tell we love our waterfalls? China Creek Falls is another hit, with a bit more challenge. We suggest trying this one out in the summer because the pool is a fantastic place to swim. Large rocks make it easy to dry off and relax. It’s like going on a hike to have a mini getaway in the forest! 

#3 - Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall is a hidden treasure. A large hole was drilled through a rock formation in preparation for a water pipeline to the city. The pipe is long gone, so now the hole is part of a tranquil water feature. A creek bubbles through the hole, cascading down as a miniature waterfall into a calm pool of water surrounded by rock cairns. It is a relatively easy hike and doesn’t take much time to get to the star attraction. We love it because of its accidental charm - where else is an abandoned pipeline hole this picturesque? 

#2 - Roger’s Creek Trail

You may have seen the sign for this one as you’ve driven by on the Alberni Highway. It is close to town and suitable for beginners and families. Roger’s Creek Trail takes about an hour and a half to complete, and in that time you will be greeted with dense forest, mossy rocks, birds chirping, and an abundance of plant and animal life. 

#1 - Alberni Inlet Trail

The Alberni Inlet Trail is a moderately difficult hike divided into several phases. We love this trail because it has everything you’d want in a hike: forest, water, a challenge, and exceptional views. Plus, it is one of the most peaceful trails because it isn’t used as much as the others on this list. 

Viewing stations are sprinkled throughout the trail and the first one overlooks the city of Port Alberni looking Northward. What goes up must come down, and hikers will also find themselves at the beach of the Alberni Inlet. The combination of waterfront access, exceptional views, and the challenge of the hike itself makes this the best hiking trail in Port Alberni!

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