Preparing your House for Fall in BC

Believe it or not summer is coming to an end, which means fall is just around the corner here in British Columbia. With the multiple heat waves that have hit communities across Vancouver Island and other BC regions, it is important to inspect your home and property to ensure nothing was significantly affected by the abnormally warm temperatures.

For the most part, homes built on Vancouver Island and across BC are not built with roaring high temperatures in mind. Which is why doing a onceover of your home will help identify any hardship your home may have withstood this summer.

Inspect Your Homes Seals and Weatherstripping

Inspect any seals around windows and doors on both the interior and exterior of your home. Broken or cracked seals may not pose as an issue right now, but once cooler days come around, a draft caused by improperly sealed doors and windows will be a lot more noticeable.

Especially across BC where temperatures can vary. Weatherstripping is often found around your homes doors and wears down every few years. Therefore, replacing it before it gets cold will save you time and money down the road. Maintaining these seals and weatherstrips can even help reduce your annual energy bill.

Check Your Homes Gutters 

Clear out your gutters and downspouts to allow rainwater to properly drain from your homes roof. This will reduce the chance of roof and foundation issues come wintertime. While you may still need your exterior pipes on to water your garden, make a mental note to turn exterior valves off in the near future to eliminate the chance of bursting pipes.

Seal Any Cracks on Your Property's Exterior

Protect your driveway! If there are any cracks on your property’s driveway, stairs or pathway consider sealing them up before the cooler months. This will prevent any cracks from spreading.

Inspect Your Homes Heating System 

Regardless of what source of heat your house has, it is always a good idea to check it yourself or get a licensed professional to inspect it. If you have electric baseboards, consider unscrewing them and vacuuming all the dust and debris trapped under and behind it… you might be surprised how much gunk is back there!

If you have a stove/fireplace in your house, get the chimney cleaned. This will ensure any debris, built up creosote or rent-free living critters are removed. Check your smoke detectors and ensure they all work and replace any batteries. Especially if you have purchased real estate within the last year, it is always a good idea to replace batteries.

Dont Forget About the Roof

Ensure your roof is intact and identify and missing or damaged shingles. Doing so will avoid expensive costs down the road when snow begins to accumulate. Additionally, take a look at any trees that may overhang your house or property and see if there are any branches that are broken or weak. Trimming these can reduce the chance of house or vehicle damage in a windstorm. Especially in some BC neighbourhoods that are prone to windy days.

Prepeare Your Homes Lawn

Prepare your lawn for the winter by fertilizing it a few times throughout the fall. By doing so, it can result in your lawn greening up sooner come springtime. Raking the leaves also prevents your grass from dying. Or you can mow the lawn and grind up the leaves, which will reduce decaying grass.

Maintain Moisture in Your House

If your house has exposed wood features in the interior, consider getting a humidifier if you don’t already have one. This is because overly dry air can cause your wood to crack. With a humidifier it will maintain moisture in the air and help prevent cracks.

You should also replace any air filters in appliances to ensure they can perform at their highest. Also be sure to rotate your ceiling fans so they are creating an upward draft. 

Back to School in BC

The end of summer also means back to school. Organizing you home can help lessen the stress of back-to-school preparation. Bring out those warmer jackets or fall shoes so when that rainy and cold fall morning rolls around, you aren’t digging through boxes when you’re supposed to be out the door!

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