Leave Her Wild Container Design - Spotlight on Alberni

Leave Her Wild Container Design is a nursery here in Port Alberni dedicated to all things plants, with a focus on beautiful containers designed by the owner herself. Here's more about Shayla, what she creates and sells, and where you can find her in the off season.

Here’s the transcript: “This week on Spotlight on Alberni I’m at 4951 Benjamin Road to talk to Shayla Lucier about her business Leave Her Wild Container Design.

Shayla tell me a little about yourself

So I grew up in Port Alberni and I’ve never really thought of myself as a business owner per say. I’ve always worked at other businesses. Like learning my skills, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. As I moved on and looked at college, there was horticulture, so I took the horticulture program, and that lead me to working at Arrowsmith Greenhouses I worked there for 13 years. I did all the containers and planters there and from that point I started having children.

Tell me a little bit about the origin story of Leave Her Wild Container and Design

People had believed in me and inspired me, saying that I could do this. They kind of drove me in this direction, and I was only inspired by them. I never believed in myself so it was, you really think I can do this? And I said so where do even start? And I’ll never forget this, but she said that’s the start of the conversation right there. 

Tell us about some of the things you sell in the nursery

Mainly my nursery started with container to buy. All the hanging baskets that I make, and everything is designed by me and made by me. Planters and edible planters, pretty much anything plant related is here. And then I started expanding into getting more shrubs, and not the dry florals, and yea, it’s just expanding all the time

When your nursery shuts down at the end of June tell us about some of the events you hold

That’s a good question, because when I shut down, I do a lot of farmers markets. One of them is the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market which I’m very passionate about because that’s where I kind of started out. Another one is Mercy Acres Market, hosted by Meghan McClullan. And then I will just add on with other markets as they come. I also do some plant related markets on my own, teaching people how to build baskets and fall planter sand Christmas items and pumpkins all that as the season progresses.

For everybody that wants to visit you, what are your hours and what’s your location?

The hours or Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9:30 am – 1:30, and also by appointment. So, if someone can’t make those hours it’s no problem. Just giving me a call or messaging me and saying hey I can’t make your hours can I come by? We’re located at 4951 Benjamin Rd.

Thanks for joining me today at Leave Her Wild Container Design. If you own a local business and you would like to be spotlighted on a future episode of Spotlight on Alberni, visit us at www.TheFentonGroup.ca. We’ll see you next time.”

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