Discover Alberni Episode 21: Cameron Heights

Tucked away on the southern end of Port Alberni, Cameron Heights is a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by forest and views of the Alberni Inlet. Cameron Heights is a residential neighbourhood made up primarily of single-family homes. Aside from the occasional city or school bus driving through, traffic is mainly composed of residential vehicles for the people that live there. 

Residents enjoy living here because of all the peace and quiet within nature. Waking up to enjoy stunning views of the Arbutus Range and the Alberni Inlet while drinking a morning coffee or tea is a common occurrence. Although there are lumber mill nearby, the daily operations are muffled by the treeline and the fact that Cameron Heights sits at a higher elevation than the mill.

For those that want a little bit more greenery and ocean breezes in their life, there are a couple of great options. Canal Waterfront Park sits just below the neighbourhood and has beach access, a fire pit, volleyball court, a large field, and plenty of picnic tables and seating. Watching the sunset from this idyllic location is a must. 

The Alberni Inlet Trail features several sections that have a variety of difficulty levels. This is perfect for beginner hikers and those that are much more seasoned. Dog walkers, fitness enthusiasts, and photographers all love using this trail. Near the beginning of the trail, you can hike up to experience exceptional views of South Alberni and beyond. This is a great alternative to the Look-Out Trail on the opposite end of town. 

Despite being on the edge of Port Alberni, access to commercial districts like Uptown is only a few minutes' drive away. Amenities like a grocery store, butcher shop, hair salons, banks, coffee shops, restaurants, and more are all convenient. This perfect balance between easy access to retail options while still maintaining home privacy and peace is one of the many reasons Cameron Heights is such a great place to live. 

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