Discover Alberni Episode 13 – Kitsuksis Walkway & Blair Park

The Alberni Valley is home to endless outdoor recreation activities. A local favorite is the Kitsuksis Walkway and Blair Park. These two locations are conveniently close to town and has something for everyone, even your furry friends. 

The Kitsuksis Walkway, known simply as the dike by locals, is Port Alberni's most popular urban trail. This 2.5 km loop circumnavigates a section of Kitsuksis Creek, passing through residential neighbourhoods, open fields and beautiful second-growth forest. The trail is fully paved and flat. In fact, there's only about a 20 m rise over the entire loop. It’s a perfect place to go walking with or without your dog, bike riding and rollerblading.

The reason locals call the Kitsuksis Walkway the dike is because after the historic flood of the Port Alberni tsunami of 1964, the banks of Kitsuksis Creek were built up in an effort to mitigate future flooding. The trail is built on top of those banks. A dirt side trail accessible of the northeast end of the loop will bring you to a spectacular train trestle with a small waterfall below. One of the most common ways to access the walkway is via the adjacent Blair Park.

Blair Park is a popular play area for kids with amenities that include a large field, a basketball hoop, a playground and a water park which is also popular with kids riding bikes and skateboards. Blair Park also enjoys washrooms and a covered gazebo for picnics.

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