Discover Alberni Episode 12 – Rogers Creek Trails

The Alberni Valley is renowned for its hiking trials. There can be little doubt that some of the routes in the Valley have been used by the First Nations for thousands of years. When European settlers arrived, they continued cutting new trails through the valley’s beautiful rainforests. Today, there are countless trails leading through every corner of the valley.

While it might not be the most well-known trail in the Alberni Valley, the Roger’s Creek Nature Trail is my personal favourite! It’s likely that the Rogers Creek Nature Trail started out as a single trail, but today it has evolved into one of Vancouver Island’s most beautiful trail networks. Hikers will find themselves exploring a rich ecosystem, characterized by both evergreen and Big Leaf Maple. 

Some of the highlights of the trail networks include impressive shale cliffs along the creeks edge, sections of the historic Log Train Trail, a picturesque Beaver pond (where lucky hikers can watch these incredible builders tend to their dams and lodge), the Roger’s Creek Giant (a massive Douglas Fir tree), and the world famous Hole-in-the-Wall

Just a few short years ago the Hole-in-the-Wall was a well-kept secret that even many locals in Port Alberni didn’t know existed. Today it is one of the wonders of Vancouver Island attracting visitors from all over the world! The Hole-in-the-Wall is a massive man-made hole through a shale cliff along the banks of Rogers Creek, which was once a shortcut for the city’s water line.  The remnants of the historic yellow cedar pipeline are still visible near the site.  The hole itself is now a picturesque waterfall!

While the Roger’s Creek Trail network is a day use trail, there are so many different offshoots and extensions to this trail, allowing hikers to easily spend days exploring the forest. Make sure you keep your eyes open, because you never know what you’ll find. The lucky hiker may even come across an enchanted picnic spot.   

The Roger’s Creek Trail network is home to many of Vancouver Island’s wild residents, so whenever hiking in the forest, be sure to keep an eye out for deer, black bears, cougar and others. 

Because the trail is a bit of a labyrinth, be sure to always hike with a map or a local guide. For more information this trails, and many other trails in the Alberni Valley, visit Happy hiking!   

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