Different Types of Carpet for your Home

In today's diverse world of flooring options, selecting the perfect choice for your home can be a daunting task. Join us in this blog as we explore a myriad of carpet types, delving into the unique characteristics that set each one apart.

Wool Carpet

For the longest time wool was the most common option for people installing carpet in their homes. Due to its versatility it is perfect for virtually anywhere in your house. Additionally, the little use of chemicals used to manufacture it was appeals to individuals. Making it a great option for anyone with severe allergies. However due to the lack of chemicals used to seal the fibres, wool carpet is more susceptible to mold growth. Furthermore, it stains easily, requires regular cleaning to keep it at its best and can hurt your wallet.

Cotton Carpet

Cotton is another natural carpeting option. Cotton is highly resistant to heat, static and does not absorb easily. Furthermore, when cotton fibres are spun tightly, they become extremely strong and durable. However, like wool, this carpet is more susceptible to stains, mold and is not the carpet choice for places with high humidity/moisture

Carpet Made From Plant Based Fibres

Carpet made from other plant-based options are often cheaper, sustainable and are nontoxic due to a lack of chemicals used. Carpet made from plant-based materials are also good insulators of noise and heat which make them a good option for anyone living in colder climates or condo buildings where you have neighbours above or below you.

However, these types of carpet can easily stain and fade with exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, if you are looking for a plush carpet texture that is cozy on your feet, this is not the type of carpet for you. Perhaps this is a good option for your homes basement where sunlight exposure will be limited.

Polyester Carpet

Carpets made from polyester became popular when people began looking for a cheaper alternative to wool. Polyester carpet is known to be soft and good at repelling liquids. Furthermore, this material can hold dye well which allows homeowners to pick a color that will match their home decor. Additionally, this is an eco friendly option as this carpet is made from recycled plastic materials. Unfortunately, this carpet is susceptible to indentation left behind from furniture. Due to this, polyester carpet is suggested for low to medium traffic areas such as an office or guest bedroom.

Is Olefin Carpet Cheap?

This material is affordable and another popular alternative to wool as it resembles a similar appearance. Olefin is also stain-resistant and durable which makes it a good option if you have children or pets running around your home.

This type of carpet is suggested for high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases. While this material is generally stain-resistant, it attracts oils and absorbs it quickly which can make it difficult to clean. So perhaps this Is not the carpet to place right outside the garage entrance where your husband walks in and out of, while working on his antique trucks.

Is Acrylic Carpet Good?

Carpet made from acrylic is cozy and soft on the feet and resembles wool, without the hefty price tag. Acrylic carpet can repel moisture, hold color and is static resistant, perfect for children’s playrooms. However, acrylic is not as strong as nylon, therefore, it should not be installed in high traffic areas of your home. Having said that you can get acrylic blended with another material which can increase the strength of it.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon has a high resistance to wear and tear making it a durable option for your house. Additionally, nylon holds color well, allowing homeowners to pick from a variety of colors. While nylon is inexpensive compared to natural options, it is on the higher end, compared to its fellow synthetic friends. Having said this, it is high quality and can last a lifetime when properly cared for. This is the perfect carpet for high traffic areas, household with kids and pets and it even resists indentations caused by furniture. One disadvantage of nylon carpet is its susceptibility to static electricity with harsh contact, so maybe stick to the kitchen for the kid’s science fair projects.

Triexta Carpet

This material is finer than nylon but is also exceptionally durable making it suitable for high traffic areas around your home. It repels liquids well, which is perfect for families with pets or children. Triexta is also soft and comfortable on your feet and is eco friendly because it is derived from corn syrup! But do not worry, that does not mean your pets will be licking it. Triexta carpet does however come at a price and can be challenging to maintain due to the density of the fibres.

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