Business Planning For Real Estate Agents

In this video The Fenton Team’s owner and founder of, Chris Fenton, shares the tools he uses to create the annual plan for our real estate company. Business Planning is without questions one of the most important things that a real estate agent can do with their time, and yet many Realtors don’t know where to start. This video will go over: mission statements, business source tracking, real estate agent goal setting, financial budgeting, financial analysis, and time management.


The Fenton Group, has been a member of the Royal LePage National Chairman’s Club for the past four years. The Chairman’s Club includes the top 1% of real estate agents in the country. Chris Fenton has been a Realtor for 15+ years and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business.

If you have any questions about real estate business planning, please leave us a comment below. Happy planning!

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