Blue Fish Gallery - Spotlight on Alberni

You could spend hours at this beautiful and unique gallery in Port Alberni. Blue Fish Gallery featured local artists and artesian hand crafted goods. From pottery, to paintings, to bath and body products, you can buy locally made and quality products for yourself or as a gift.

Chris Fenton takes us to the corner of 2nd Ave. and Mar St. to meet with Lisa Harrison about her shop, Blue Fish Gallery. Lisa is a new silversmith and went to school a few years ago for the metalsmithing program. She's always loved working with her hands, so being in the Blue Fish Gallery and carrying it forward as she is, and being able to create every, makes her feel like a kid in a candy store.

Lisa is a wife, mother, and grandmother now and is loving her life. She never thought in a million years she would be able to say that. Lisa has struggled lots and has always asked the universe where she is meant to be in this world. As of today she is living her best life and is surrounded by art and creativity, and today she can call herself an artist and knows who she is now.

Blue Fish Gallery has all kinds of amazing handmade gifts. They sell pottery, handblown glass, jewelry, freshly roasted coffee beans from the west coast, art cards, paintings, clothing, bath and body products. Basically everything that you could imagine that is handcrafted and made by somebody's hands is carried here. Something for all needs and gift ideas. 

The Blue Fish Gallery is really special to a lot of people in Port Alberni. Our customers are you, me, everyday people. People from all walks of life. People that create art themselves, people that love treasure hunting, people that appreciate hand made and quality items that are locally made. Our customers are everybody.

The Blue Fish Gallery is a very special little house and gallery created by a beautiful human, her name was Cheryl Iwanowski. Lisa met Cheryl years ago when they worked together in a financial institution. Lisa was instantly drawn to her, Cheryl had this lightness about her, and she was a maker, she was a potter her whole life, as well as working in the financial field.

The little shop you see here today was grown from a dream of hers, her dream she mentioned to Lisa a few times and Lisa's sure many of her beautiful friends know this; she always wanted to have a shop where she could just play in her clay, create, and then have a space where she could support other artists and bring other artists work to the public. To have a platform for them to show their work. So the story goes, it started with her workshop in the back and she would just carry a few lines and a few artist's pieces and it grew from there. 8 years later here we are, pretty special. 

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