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In this episode of Spotlight on Alberni we join Heather Welsh to talk about her Port Alberni business, Alberni Brewing Co.  Alberni Brewing opened in March 2021 and has quickly gained a loyal customer base. 16 taps are available and all the beer is produced on site. A variety of other drinks including non-alcoholic and a full food menu is offered.

Here’s the transcript: “Hey, this week on Spotlight on Alberni I’m on Adelaide Street to talk to Heather Welsh about her business, Alberni Brewing

Heather thank you so much for welcoming us here, tell me a little about yourself. 

I'm originally from Wales in the UK, my background is in business and in healthcare, and I've used those skills to transfer into the hospitality industry. 

Talk to us a little bit about how Alberni Brewing came to be. 

My husband is actually the head brewer here, Jason Welsh, and his background is as a locomotive engineer and working construction. His passion for brewing actually came from his dad who was an avid home brewer. So it's been many years in the making, and that's where his true passion came from, and that's how Alberni Brewing Company came to pass. 

Tell us a little bit more about the Brewery.

Absolutely, we opened in march 2021, so we've just passed a little over a year which is excellent. We are very grateful for all our loyal customers out there and the passing tourists, thank you. We obviously brew on site, all the beer is produced in the backhouse. So we have 16 taps available, those consists of core beers, seasonal taps, and also more rotational batches. We also have a variety of other optional drinks that accommodate for everyone coming into the brewery, non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, mocktails, just to make sure there's  an option for everyone.

In regards to food, we have a full menu here, we try to incorporate the beer into some of the menu options available. So we are kind of bringing the craft beer through to the kitchen. Which is really nice to incorporate. Because we have a full kitchen we're able to do the full menu from starters to dessert. We have a large capacity here which kind of brings in for bigger parties which is really nice for special events and birthdays, and so forth, making those special memories.

We also have patios, front and back of the brewery and they are accessible for pets as well, so dogs are very much welcome on the back and front patios.

Lastly, share with everybody where you're located and what your hours are.

We are located on 4630 Adelaide Street in Port Alberni, we are open 7 days a week. We open at 11:30 everyday, and on Sundays we close at 8:00, Monday & Tuesdays we close at 9:00, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10:00 and Friday and Saturday we are open until 11:00.

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