9 Best Hot Springs Near Kelowna for a Relaxing Retreat

The journey to finding your perfect haven in British Columbia isn't just about purchasing property; it's about embracing the lifestyle and natural wonders this beautiful province offers.

If you're eyeing Kelowna and its surrounding regions for your next home, you'll be thrilled to learn that numerous hot springs are just a drive away, promising you year-round access to relaxing retreats amidst breathtaking scenery.

Each of these hot springs near Kelowna brings a unique experience, from resorts offering luxurious amenities to untouched natural hot pools nestled in the wilderness.

Embark on a Thermal Adventure: Diverse Hot Springs Destinations Await

Beneath British Columbia's rugged landscape lies a geothermal wonder, manifesting in the diverse hot springs scattered across the region. Each destination pledges a unique encounter with nature's own spa, promising relaxation, rejuvenation, and adventure in equal measure.

From luxurious resorts where you can soak in comfort to untouched springs that beckon the more intrepid explorers, these thermal treasures create a tapestry of experiences.

As we unveil each spring from the closest to the furthest from Kelowna, picture yourself unwinding in their healing waters, surrounded by the raw beauty that is quintessentially British Columbia.

Whether you're a local rekindling your love for the outdoors or a newcomer ready to dive into the province's natural allure, these hot springs are sanctuaries that call you home.

1. Canyon Hot Springs Resort

Located in Revelstoke, BC, than three hours from Kelowna, Canyon Hot Springs Resort presents a tranquil refuge in the Selkirk Mountains' embrace. Spanning 100 scenic acres, this sanctuary combines the charm of rustic lodgings with the restorative powers of natural thermal waters. Guests can unwind in the warmth of Albert Canyon Hot Springs, indulge in leisurely swims in two designated pools, or explore local wares at the on-site trading post while experiencing the heartfelt hospitality unique to BC.

Established in the 1970s, Canyon Hot Springs has evolved as the preferred destination for mineral soaking pool enthusiasts. Today, these cherished springs continue to feed relaxation and revival, with water journeying over three kilometres down the valley to supply the 15,000-gallon hot pool and the 60,000-gallon swimming pool.

2. Halcyon Hot Springs

At Halcyon Hot Springs, guests are invited for an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, cradled in the healing embrace of renowned waters. Approximately a 3.5-hour drive from Kelowna in Nakusp, BC, this retreat promises a sanctuary of wellness and tranquillity.

Positioned along the stunning waterfront of Upper Arrow Lake, Halcyon Hot Springs unveils panoramic views of the majestic Monashee Mountains, providing a scenic backdrop to the resort's crowning jewels - the hot springs.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the therapeutic minerals of the springs on the upper deck, find solace floating in the warm pool's jetted swim channel, enjoy a back massage against the pressure jets, or bask under the expansive mountain skies. For those seeking a refreshing contrast, a cold plunge awaits, or perhaps a swim in the seasonal mineral pool on the lower deck during summer. The splash park, a favourite among younger guests, adds to the charm, while the pristine waters of Arrow Lake beckon for a revitalizing swim on balmy summer days.

3. Harrison Hot Springs Resort

About 3 hours from Kelowna, Harrison Hot Springs Resort serves as the quintessential launchpad for delving into the picturesque splendour and thrilling outdoor escapades that Harrison Hot Springs, BC, boasts. Perched amidst serene gardens along the Harrison Lake shoreline, this tranquil, pet-friendly resort welcomes guests with its rustic allure, contemporary comforts, and an enduring tradition of hospitality. Since 1886, the resort has been a sanctuary for those seeking solace and recuperation, drawing from the healing powers of its five unique hot mineral springs pools and the inspired spa treatments they foster.

The resort stands as a testament to life's finer pleasures, unparalleled in its essence throughout British Columbia. Beyond the soothing embrace of the many hot spring pools, a world of adventure awaits just outside, calling you to partake in experiences like embarking on a fishing expedition from the resort's marina, venturing on an awe-inspiring journey above the Fraser Canyon Gorge aboard the Hell's Gate Airtram, or simply indulging in leisure by the poolside. At Harrison Hot Springs Resort, you'll get to immerse yourself in an extraordinary interplay of relaxation and excitement.

4. Clear Creek Hot Springs

Clear Creek Hot Springs, approximately a 4.25-hour drive from Kelowna, offers a remarkable reward following an adventurous mountain journey. Tucked away in the wilderness, these springs contrast the neighbouring icy streams formed from melting snow. Visitors often delight in moving between the springs' warm waters and the natural streams' refreshing chill, engaging in a revitalizing routine that enhances the outdoor experience.

Reaching Clear Creek Hot Springs is an adventure in itself, with a scenic trail that meanders along a forest service road, presenting a challenge best tackled by ATVs, dirt bikes, jeeps, trucks, or even by hiking or mountain biking for the exceptionally intrepid. Due to the rugged terrain, the journey demands a high-clearance vehicle and 4x4 capabilities.

5. Ainsworth Hot Springs

Ainsworth Hot Springs, a unique oasis in British Columbia's Kootenay region, offers an unparalleled experience, whether visitors soak in the pool or explore the cave. These thermal waters, perched overlooking the spectacular expanse of Kootenay Lake, have been a source of soothing comfort and healing for centuries. Just about a 4.75-hour drive from Kelowna, this natural wonder is set amidst the heart of the Kootenay Mountain range, featuring a distinctive amalgamation of warm mineral waters in both a natural cave and pool, designed to cater to various relaxation preferences.

The history of these springs traces back to their origins around the Cody Caves, situated above and east of the resort. The water embarks on a journey down through rock fractures, warming up progressively until it reaches a critical lakeshore fault. Then, due to hydraulic pressure, it ascends along the fault, finally surfacing at the resort.

Visitors can enjoy a soothing experience enhanced by the water's mineral-rich properties, which are believed to have numerous health benefits.

6. Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs, BC, a picturesque mountain town, is in a stunning locale where the Canadian Rockies meet the Purcell Mountains, cradled by the meandering Columbia River. Just a 5-hour drive from Kelowna, this gem is accessible through the striking Sinclair Canyon, promising visitors spectacular views upon entry.

The essence of a visit to Radium Hot Springs is the indulgent experience offered by its renowned thermal pools. Open throughout the year, these pools provide a therapeutic retreat filled with naturally warm, odourless mineral water that promises relaxation and rejuvenation.

Guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in these comforting waters, set against a scenic mountain backdrop, where options abound for leisure, from lounging on the simulated beach to invigorating dips in the plunge pool. Situated within the majestic confines of Kootenay National Park, the springs are a crucial part of the Columbia Valley's allure.

7. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Positioned amidst stunning mountain scenery approximately 5.5 hours from Kelowna in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort hosts Canada's most extensive natural mineral hot springs. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in these expansive waters, experiencing the therapeutic warmth that soothes the body, surrounded by stunning views. These pools, a haven for relaxation, recreation, or a leisurely swim, cater to individuals of all ages, epitomizing the innate human connection to water. The sound and gentle caress of the water promise undeniable tranquillity and joy.

Rich in minerals and naturally warmed, the Fairmont hot springs's waters are reputed for their healing qualities. Regular patrons of the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort often speak of the water's therapeutic attributes, noting a distinct sense of renewal following each visit. Beyond just a dip in the pool, this resort represents an escape for families. In this sanctuary, they can momentarily abandon the everyday rush and engage with the curative essence of natural thermal waters. Moreover, the resort accentuates exclusivity through its 'guests-only' hot springs pool, ensuring registered overnight lodge guests receive privileged access to these celebrated waters.

8. Sloquet Hot Springs

Situated in the seclusion of a forested wilderness between Pemberton and WhistlerSloquet Hot Springs offers a unique thermal experience in several small, natural pools. This exceptional site rests within the ancestral lands of the Xa'xtsa First Nation, who have utilized these springs for countless generations, engaging in spiritual and purifying rituals. The springs are in a serene valley, with the picturesque Sloquet Creek enhancing the southern border.

Due to the rugged terrain, reaching Sloquet Hot Springs requires a sturdy vehicle, preferably a 4x4 or one with significant ground clearance.

9. Lussier Hot Springs

Lussier Hot Springs, situated in British Columbia's East Kootenays, offers a serene escape about 6.25 hours from Kelowna. Tucked between Canal Flats and the Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, this tranquil haven features four natural hot spring pools, elegantly crafted amidst stones and boulders along the Lussier River's edge. These gems of nature are readily accessible through the Whiteswan Forestry Road, promising a secluded experience away from the bustling tourist spots.

Visitors can indulge in a dynamic thermal experience. The unique location allows for a contrasting plunge into the brisk Lussier River, creating a refreshing cycle between warmth and invigoration. These entirely natural and cost-free springs are generally open throughout the year, adding convenience to their appeal. Amenities such as a changing room and restroom are available at the nearby parking lot area, followed by a brief 5-minute stroll down a well-kept trail that leads directly to the springs' inviting waters.

Your Relaxing Retreat Awaits

These hot springs near Kelowna showcase the diverse beauty and natural luxury that British Columbia holds, promising residents a life replete with wellness, adventure, and relaxation. Such natural wonders add layers to your lifestyle, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.


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