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Bamfield Real Estate Listings December 7, 2023
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Bamfield Real Estate Market

Bamfield is the ideal location for permanent residents who are seeking a quiet, rustic lifestyle among the gorgeous natural setting of West Coast Vancouver Island. Bamfield is also perfect for those looking to purchase a second home or vacation home to enjoy during the summer months. The real estate listings found within the town’s borders make up a mix of simple country cabins as well as expansive, waterfront estates, which provides ample opportunity for potential residents of all walks of life.

These stunning homes include beautiful waterfront properties facing Barkley Sound, offering stunning views out over the water. The main type of home for sale in Bamfield is detached, single-family homes, though duplexes can also be found closer to the downtown core. A mix of newly renovated houses as well as long-established cottages give Bamfield a unique charm of contemporary and rustic that can’t be beat!

Open plots of land are also available among the Bamfield real estate listings. This gives homebuyers the opportunity to get creative and design the house of their dreams in their ideal location. Land for sale in Bamfield ranges in cost between $69,000 to over $1.9 million. The fabulous acreage plus the amazing potential means you could design your dream coastal home, whether you intend to live full-time or have constant access to a beautiful vacation home.

These historic homes, beautiful west-coast gardens, charming cottages, and stunning seaside vistas offer residents access to not only the most gorgeous views, but also the best ocean fishing on Vancouver Island. Fresh crab, shimps, and other sea delicacies are readily available, often in your own backyard! Residents can also take up adventurous water-based hobbies such as kayaking, diving, and sailing. With the collection of majestic forests, enchanting beaches, and acres of privacy, Bamfield is the ultimate getaway for permanent and vacationers alike!

About Bamfield, BC

Bamfield is often known as a hidden paradise of British Columbia. This beautiful coastal community may be small, but the heart and spirit of the residents is strong and engaging. Bamfield was originally home to the Huu-ay-aht of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations, and European settlers came to the land in the late 1800s, creating a small fishing community. The location of Bamfield allowed perfect fishing conditions, tucked along a sheltered inlet on the south shore of Barkley Sound. Portions of the Pacific Rim National Park guard the other side of Bamfield, creating a secluded section of Vancouver Island, which allows residents to live in their own little world, complete with spectacular views and landscapes!

Though the actual population of Bamfield is quite low, the town is home to just 200 people, the area is a well-known tourist destination, bringing in visitors from all over Vancouver Island to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and fantastic amenities provided by the town. People travel great distances to enjoy the West Coast Trail, the perfect conditions for ocean kayaking and sport fishing, as well as many other exciting events hosted throughout the year by the Bamfield community.

Bamfield’s location along the Pacific allows for a cool, maritime climate. This oceanic climate keeps temperatures within a more mild range; the winter months typically sit around 4-5°C and the summer months fall between 12-14°C. It’s very rare that temperatures ever fall to the extremes in this beautiful little town.

Despite the small size of the town, Bamfield has several major employers including the Coast Guard and the Bamfield Marine Biology Station. The Biology Station was established in 1972 by five western universities to provide a centre for marine research and Bamfield’s ideal location along the coast was deemed the perfect place to set up shop. There are also several fishing charter companies and lodges in and around the area which contribute to Bamfield’s economy.

If Bamfield is known for anything, it’s the absolutely stunning views that can be found from anywhere in the community! Each house found within Bamfield’s borders offer a unique perspective on the surrounding area; be that out over the ocean, overlooking the countless nearby islands such as the Deer Group or the Broken Group, or the vast mountain range of Vancouver Island. Whatever direction you look is sure to provide a beautiful backdrop in this picturesque town!

Getting to Bamfield

Accessing Bamfield can be done by driving along the 100 kilometre road from Port Alberni or Lake Cowichan or via the Francis Barkley Ferry, which brings not only people but goods and mail into the town, an event eagerly awaited by the residents of Bamfield. Locals flock to the docks on days when the Francis Barkley is running to greet newcomers, visitors, and unload skids of products and goodies.

Bamfield Inlet separates ones side of Bamfield from the others. This is the “mainstreet” of town, although it’s not actually a real road. This gravel pathway is mostly used by local atvs or small tractors. Kayaks and canoes are also commonly used to commute across the inlet. This unique factor makes Bamfield one of the most eclectic and fascinating places to live on Vancouver Island.

The closest major city to Bamfield is Port Alberni, which is located approximately ninety kilometres away. With a population of approximately 17,680, Port Alberni has plenty to offer the residents of Bamfield, whose population is closer to just 200. The main streets of Port Alberni are lined with a flurry of entertainment, activity, shops, and dining opportunities. The city is surrounded by beautiful forestry and dozens of peaceful rivers and lakes, providing a quiet atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of the busier downtown streets. A day-trip to Port Alberni will provide Bamfield residents with their “big-city fix” as they can access live theatre, unique boutique shops, art galleries, and plenty of delectable dining establishments.

One of the most popular destinations on Vancouver Island is located just minutes from Bamfield. The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is filled with outstanding sights and nature-infused opportunities. Centuries-old forests complete with hidden waterfalls and colourful rocks along the quiet riverbeds and beaches offer the perfect setting for a day communing with nature. Visitors to this fabulous park can also take the opportunity to soak up even more nature by staying overnight at the beautiful campgrounds onsite.

Though Bamfield may seem to be located out in the middle of nowhere, there are some major perks to a more secluded lifestyle. The quiet surroundings of the town, Barkley Sound on one side, Pacific Rim National Park on the other, offers residents a private and sheltered life in one of the most charming small towns on Vancouver Island. The homes for sale in Bamfield are the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary, suiting all preferences and lifestyles. The friendly community is quick to welcome newcomers and visitors alike. Bamfield, British Columbia, is the epitome of small-town charm and this is evident from the moment you step foot into the quaint and cozy town!

Bamfield Education

Education in Bamfield and the surrounding towns, including Port Alberni, Ucluelet, and Tofino, is provided by School District 70 Pacific Rim. The school board is home to approximately 4,590 students in kindergarten through grade twelve. School District 70 is known to have high academic scorings as well as competitive athletics programs including baseball, football, tennis, and hockey teams.

Bamfield is a unique town and as such is home to a unique school. Bamfield Community School Association is a small but mighty school! As the only school in Bamfield, BCSA houses students from kindergarten through grade twelve all under one building. The school is extremely community oriented with a high active participation from students, parents, and faculty. This healthy involvement is evident throughout the local community as many events, programs, and fundraisers are put on by the colourful little school. The small population at BCSA means students are treated to more one-on-one time for students with the ability to focus on specific needs and learning styles.

Things To Do in Bamfield

Bamfield is known as the heart of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The close proximity to this vast stretch of parkland offers visitors and residents alike the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature in its truest form. The expansive, 123 acres that make up the park offer ample opportunity for exploration via hiking, birdwatching, beachcombing, and more! The Pacific Rim National Park truly has it all, from dense rainforest to wide open, sandy beaches to a rugged coastline. The waters of Barkley Sound are ideal for world class diving experiences and fishing opportunities. Among the dozens of species of fish found in the waters are salmon, halibut, and rockfish. The sheltered coves found along the white sand beaches provide the chance for canoes, kayaks, and sailboats to cruise along the shores.

Brady Beach is another wonderful outdoor excursion for residents of Bamfield. Located along the northwest side of the community, Brady Beach is a top destination for an afternoon relaxing on the beach or venturing out into the waters for locals. Brady Beach also offers overnight camping for those who wish to extend their adventure more than a day to fully explore all the beauty that nature has to offer.

One of Bamfield’s most popular tourist attractions is the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. This incredible establishment attracts hundreds of researchers yearly to take advantage of the excellent marine facilities and resources. The Centre also offers credited university courses through any one of the five universities that helped to found the facility. Many schools from neighbouring towns also come and tour the Marine Centre for an educational experience. Set up along the outer west coast of Vancouver Island, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre is the perfect location for marine, terrestrial, freshwater, and cultural research within the North East Pacific Basin. July and August are the ideal time to tour this amazing building and a trip here is guaranteed to be a unique learning experience for all ages.

Sport fishing is a popular hobby to the locals of Bamfield. The ideal location along Bamfield’s inlet offers ample opportunity for anglers to spend a day on the water year-round. Every year, the town hosts the Bamfield Tuna Shootout, which is Western Canada’s first, and only, tuna derby. This modest event began with just three boats and ten anglers, but has since grown incredibly. The latest event saw a turnout of forty-four boats and over 200 anglers participating in the intriguing festival.

East Bamfield is the focal point of the famous West Coast Trail. This beautiful and arduous seventy-five kilometre journey winds through beautiful, mature forests and along captivating seasides providing sensational views for those prepared to take on the hike. This intriguing trail is steeped in history as it was once built as an aid in the rescue of shipwrecked seafarers. Also located in East Bamfield is the Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries. People of all ages can come and enjoy an educational experience learning about the west coast’s marine culture. The Rix is also the host venue to the annual Music by the Sea concert series held every summer.

Pachena Point Lighthouse is a towering, eight-sided, wooden tower standing proudly at thirty-eight feet tall along majestic, hundred-foot sea cliffs. Pachena means “foam on the rocks” and is a perfect name for this mighty lighthouse as the towering cliffs meet the ocean, causing crashing, white-tipped waves along the base of the structure. Before the construction of this grand lighthouse, many ships crashed into the rocky surroundings, taking the life of hundreds of sailors. Now, Pachena Point Lighthouse is a popular stop along the West Coast Trail, bringing hikers together to honour the memory of many fallen shipwreck victims. The lighthouse has been deemed a Recognized Heritage Building and remains the only wooden lighthouse along the West Coast.

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