Introducing Brianna Bohn

Brianna Bohn Director of Marketing
Phone 250.723.8786
[email protected]

We take immense pleasure in introducing Brianna Bohn (unlicensed), our Director of Marketing at The Fenton Group. Brianna is an essential member of our group that keeps our company moving forward. Her commitment to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and steadfast dependability are the keystones of her successful journey with us. Known for her relentlessly positive attitude, she brings a dynamic energy to every project and fosters a positive working environment that inspires the group to perform at their very best.

In the ever-evolving real estate market, engaging content and consistent communication play pivotal roles. With an inherent talent for content creation, Brianna has beautifully shouldered this responsibility for She leads a fleet of skilled freelance writers, ensuring that the Loyal Homes Blog always delivers fresh and valuable content that resonates with our audiences.

In the world of digital media, Brianna skillfully navigates our brand through the currents of various social channels. Her adept management of our social media channels helps us connect with our audience in an interactive and meaningful way. Through her creative and strategic approach, she works diligently to enhance The Fenton Group's brand image across all marketing channels.

Away from the limelight, Brianna works behind the scenes for our Referral Partners, crafting spectacular marketing strategies for each community we operate in across British Columbia. Her unparalleled expertise in marketing and robust networks facilitate seamless collaborations that have led to exceptional outcomes for our company and partners alike.

Prior to joining us, Brianna earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), a testament to her strong academic background. Her deep understanding of commerce and her inventive application of marketing principles give her an upper hand in the real estate landscape, thereby enabling Royal LePage Pacific Rim Realty - The Fenton Group to stand out from the crowd.

Through her tireless efforts and commendable commitment, Brianna Bohn exemplifies the values that The Fenton Group holds dear. We are thrilled to have such a dedicated and accomplished professional as part of our leadership team, contributing to our mission of offering superior real estate solutions.